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How To Prevent Rodents From Chewing Electrical Wiring


Rodents chewing through electrical wiring is a common issue that exterminators in Virginia Beach are used to hearing. Rodents such as mice and rats have teeth that never stop growing. Because their teeth are constantly growing, the rodent needs to take care of them every day, which looks like chewing. 

Rodents chewing electrical wires can affect homes, cars, businesses, trailers, and so much more. All they require is a tiny space to get in, and they will find wires to chew. Rodents are often looking for a way in for many reasons. Food and shelter are a few things that rodents look for constantly. 

Rodents can run rampant in the walls of a house once they gain entry and chew through all the wires, putting the home at risk for an electrical fire. The number one key to preventing rodents from chewing electrical wires is to prevent rodents from accessing entry.

Prevent Rodents from Entering

Sealing all openings in the environment is one way to prevent rodents from entering. Seal all holes inside and outside. Pay close attention to all windows, doors, pipes and any cracks. Rodents can crawl through tiny spaces. Use caulking or steel wool to seal up any holes. Make sure there aren’t any cracks along walls, framing or windows. Take time to explore eaves, fascia, and the roof. There could be hidden entryways all over the home. Calling a rodent exterminator in Virginia Beach can help to take this stress off of you.

Store Food in Air-Tight Containers

Rodents are drawn to food. Therefore, make sure all the food is stored in air-tight containers or bags and sealed entirely and tightly.

Use Mothballs to Deter Rodents

Wherever there are, electrical wires scatter some mothballs as well. (Example – in behind the TV or computer.) Rodents do not like the scent of mothballs and will typically keep away.

Trim Trees Back at Least 10 Feet

Different rodents can climb and jump, making securing access to get inside much more effortless. Rats often use long branches to gain entry, and squirrels can jump. Ensure the yard is well taken care of so that rodents don’t have spaces to hide and play in the vicinity.

Install Wire Coverings

Protect all electrical wires with wire coverings that are rodent-proof. They are quick and easy to install and protect the wire the entire 360 degrees. Rodents won’t be able to chew through them; therefore, the electrical wires will remain safe.

Set Up Rodent Traps

If you think there may be rodents scattering through the house, then set out rodent traps. Set them out around the electrical wires and in any other area you’ve heard them scurrying through.

Call a Rodent Control Expert Today

If dealing with rodents isn’t your thing, then call Universal Pest and Termite Inc. today. We are heavily trained and skilled to remove and secure the area to be free of all rodents. In addition, we know the proper procedures to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

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