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Rodent Pest Control

Winter is rodent season in Hampton Roads which means rats and mice are looking to nest. Did you know a mouse will build their nest close to food and shelter? These rodents prefer warm, narrow and dark places where they will feel safe during breeding. A mouse would not travel more than 30 feet from its nest to food as they feed 15 to 20 times a day.

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Pest-Exclusion Services by Universal Pest & Termite

Universal Pest & Termite offers complete rodent control as well as contaminated insulation removal, air duct cleaning and most importantly sanitize treatments to the infested areas.

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It’s Termite and Pest Control Season. !!!

There are many Pest Control / Termite companies in Hampton Roads. Trust Universal Pest & Termite for pest control protection, termite service and peace of mind. Servicing Virginia Beach | Chesapeake | Norfolk, Portsmouth | Newport News | Williamsburg. For extermination services for ants, termites, spiders, rodents and other pest trust Universal Pest.

Looking for Top Rated Pest Control and Termite Companies? Universal Pest offers pest protection in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth as well as all of the peninsula.

Why Choose Universal Pest & Termite?

Universal Pest & Termite understands a termite infestation can be an unexpected surprise. Due to this , we offer “SmartPay”, our exclusive service now, pay later option. In addition to SmartPay, we offer our exclusive Uniguard Termite Baiting System. This termite control program uses less conventional liquid material while still protecting your home. Our technicians will design a termite protection program that best fits your home’s needs. Call today for a Free Termite Inspection.

Pay Pest Control

Which Termite Treatment is Best For Your Home?

We offer liquid termite treatments, baiting systems, even repairs if needed. Most of all, this is what we do in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Newport News and surrounding cities. We have treated thousands of homes in Hampton Roads for termites, all with an A+ rating from the BBB. Every home we treat comes with a full Universal Termite warranty. This type of protection and peace of mind is what you want when choosing a termite company.


Termite Control

Termite control

It is Termite season!Termites cause more damage each year than fires and storms combined. Don’t be a statistic and schedule your termite inspection today. Termite protection can be affordable. Protection starts as low as $97 per year. Call or click today for a no charge inspection. For termite videos visit our YouTube page.


Insulation Services


For home insulation services such as removal of contaminated insulation , adding additional insulation or insulation replacement. As always, call for a free insulation and insulation assessment. Exclusively, we offer our exclusive “Pest-Guard” Insulation Program. This is a cellulose insulation product with a pest control blend. This is designed to eliminate roaches, silverfish and other insects that come in contact with it.

Ant Control

Ant control Virginia Beach
Universal Pest & Termite offers our Call Today/Service Today ant control service options. We understand safety is the top concern when offering pest protection for your family and home. Have Year Round Pest Protection for as low as $55 per quarter. This includes unlimited emergency visits if needed. Top rated pest control service that is affordable.

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Safe | Pet Friendly Pest Control

For comprehensive pest control in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and surrounding areas, call Universal Pest. Our exterminators can perform a variety of pest control services, including rodent extermination, termite control, ant control, and other pest extermination services. We understand the safety of your family including pets will always be first.

When you discover ants streaming into your kitchen or you hear the sound of rodents gnawing and scurrying in your walls. You might be tempted to try to handle the problem yourself with store bought traps and poisons. It seems easy enough but choosing the wrong material could divide an ant colony, force rodents to other parts of the house or could even stain furniture.

Pet Safe

Pet Friendly Pest Control Solutions

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Universal Pest & Termite specializes in these Termite, Pest Control and Home Services:

Termite Treatment

Universal Pest believes there should be options for termite control. As a result we offer conventional liquid as well as termite baiting systems.

Pest Control

We offer our exclusive Border-Guard Pest Program. We believe the best way to control pests is before they get in.

Essential Home Services

Ever wonder what is lurking in your air ducts or attic? We offer Air-Duct Cleaning and Insulation Services.


Universal Pest & Termite installed a dehumidifier under our home due to moisture issues.. It immediately made a difference with the musty smells we were getting in our bedroom and kitchen.

-Maddie K Chesapeake (Virginia)

After trying other termite companies for our fungi and moisture problem, we finally contacted Universal Pest & Termite. They made sure all of our questions were answered as well as repairing the existing moisture damage.

-David C. Virginia Beach (Virginia)



We background check every employee prior to hiring. Trust Universal Pest when protecting your home and family from pest.



We offer a Call today/ Service today option for pest control. If the pest return, so will we. No charge / No hassle.


Termite Companies BBB Rating

We are proud of our A+ rating with the BBB. Trust Universal Pest for your pest control and termite treatment needs. Visit our Facebook Page.

Pest Control Pricing Chesapeake

Pest Control Pricing

How much for pest control or a termite treatment? Universal Pest & Termite offers straight forward pricing with no hidden fees. Year Round (Family Friendly) Pest Protection. We offer the best price for ant control, termite control, rodent control or any other general pest control services. When looking for termite companies and pest control companies, trust us to protect your family. Contact us today for a no charge pest or termite inspection.

Virginia Beach | Chesapeake | Norfolk | Portsmouth 757-502-0200
Newport News | Williamsburg | Hampton 757-967-8326

Rodent Pest Control

Rodent season is here! Rely on Universal Pest for reliable rodent protection. Did you know a female mouse can have up to 15 litters in one year. Rodents can get pregnant again 24 hours after giving birth. For one mouse, the average litter size is 10-12. They can start to reproduce at only six weeks of age. As a result, it doesn’t take long for a few mice to create an infestation.

Air Duct Cleaning Services by Universal Pest

Experts agree the quality of the air in your home can be effected by what is lurking in your air ducts. Most agree that your air ducts should be cleaned at least every two years if you have pets, have had a pest problem such as rodents or have a unsettling amount of dust

Have You Had Your Air Ducts Cleaning This Year?

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