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Trust Universal Pest for all your exterminating needs in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Norfolk, Virginia. We use highly effective but pet- and family-friendly methods to rid your home of the rats, mice, ants, termites, cockroaches and other pests that can damage your home and your belongings, and even threaten your family’s health and safety. We’ll develop a pest control solution that fits your specific situation.


 In addition to pest control, Universal Pest also offers structural repairs for termite and moisture damage, home insulation, and real estate reports. Call us today to ask about any of our services or to schedule a free inspection of your home for pest control purposes. 

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For comprehensive pest control in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and surrounding areas, call Universal Pest & Termite Control. Our exterminators can perform a variety of pest control services, including rodent extermination, termite control, ant control, and other pest extermination services. 

​When you discover ants streaming into your kitchen, or you hear the sound of rodents gnawing and scurrying in your walls, you might be tempted to try to handle the problem yourself with store bought traps and poisons. But that doesn’t always get the job done -- and meanwhile, the pests are multiplying! ​

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Fall and winter are the times of the year when unwelcome invaders such as rats and mice move indoors looking for shelter. Sometimes this means your attic, walls, crawl space and even your homes air ducts.

Charlie Laurens (Realtor )"Zach was extremely professional, well spoken and interacted we me very well. Just an overall great experience."

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Fall/Winter is termite season.There are many termite companies in Hampton Roads but for the best termite service and termite control call or click Universal Pest for a FREE INSPECTION


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Universal Pest offers our exclusive Border-Guard service for ants and other invaders. We specialize in IPM Integrated Pest Management. IPM is how we eliminate entry to your home by caulking ant entry points, finding the nest and effecting their conditions.

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