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French Drain & Sump Pump Installation SAFE | EFFECTIVE PEST CONTROL SOLUTIONS

French Drain Installation in Virginia Beach, VA

Equipping Homes with French Drains & Sump Pumps

Over the years, thousands have trusted Universal Pest & Termite to install French drain systems and sump pumps at their homes. We are moisture control specialists, so it is no surprise so many have counted on us to help protect their properties from dangerous water accumulation. If you have questions about these features or want to schedule an installation appointment, reach out. We would gladly offer the information you need and give a free estimate. 

Call (757) 699-5166 or get in touch online. We serve Virginia Beach, Newport News, and other cities in the Hampton Roads area. 

Our Process for Installing French Drains

Our Virginia Beach French drain installation process is as follows:

  1. Planning and preparation: We carefully plan the drain’s layout, considering factors like water flow direction and the drainage outlet’s location. We will also obtain necessary permits and call utility companies to locate underground lines before digging.
  2. Digging the trench: Our team will dig a trench along the perimeter of the drainage area, ensuring it is sloped properly and big enough to accommodate excess water. 
  3. Laying fabric and gravel: We will layer landscape fabric and gravel in the trench to prevent soil from clogging the drain and provide a base for the drainpipe. 
  4. Installing the drainpipe: On top of the fabric and gravel, we will place a perforated PVC or flexible corrugated plastic pipe. 
  5. Covering the drainpipe with gravel: Once we have installed the drainpipe, we will cover it with gravel completely. 
  6. Backfilling the trench: We will backfill the trench with soil and ensure it has the proper slope to maintain adequate drainage. 
  7. Connecting the drainpipe to the drain outlet: Our team will connect the new drainpipe to a drain outlet, such as a storm sewer or dry well. 
  8. Testing: Once the French drain is installed, we will test it to make certain it functions properly. 
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Why Choose Universal Pest & Termite?

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    He is consistent in being very personable, professional, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Universal!
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