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Hire Professional Pest Control Services or DIY?


Hiring professional pest control services in Virginia is well worth the money. Though some might prefer the DIY route, there are countless reasons to hire professionals instead. The term “pest control” refers to controlling, managing, minimizing or removing all unwanted pests. Pests can be termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, and more. 

If pests are not taken care of and removed correctly, they can multiply quickly and take over more of the house. In addition, many pests carry diseases that can be detrimental to humans. Pests can carry many deadly diseases and easily transmit them to humans. A few examples are malaria, plague and asthma.

Pests Can Be Stubborn

It can be challenging to be rid of pests. If you DIY this process, you run the risk of not getting every pest. Without the proper equipment and materials, it can be challenging to get every pest, which is necessary. Professional pest control services have all the materials they need to ensure pests’ proper and safe removal.

Peace of Mind Is Worth Investing In

Hiring professional pest control services will give you peace of mind. After treatment, you can return to your home fully, knowing that the pests have been removed. If you go the DIY route to remove pests, likely, you won’t be 100% certain that you removed all the pests. Peace of mind is beneficial if you’re concerned about the cost of hiring professional pest control services.

Ensure Maximum Cleanliness

Pests can carry diseases and harmful bacteria. Hiring professional pest control ensures the removal of dangerous bacterias and illnesses that could potentially harm you or your loved ones in the house. In addition, many of the diseases carried by pests can be easily transmitted to humans.

Reduce Allergy Symptoms

Coming into contact with pests or being bitten by one can result in allergy symptoms. Hiring professional pest control services helps to ensure the health and safety of everyone in the house. Many pests can have detrimental effects on a person’s health. A few common pests are fleas, spiders and bed bugs.

Ensure Proper Handling of Chemicals

Hiring professional pest control services ensures the proper and safe handling of chemicals. Using chemicals in the house can be dangerous and harmful. Adequate handling of chemicals reduces health risks and improper use injuries and accidents.

Professional pest control services have the training and education. Using professional pest control services is the safest way to remove pests. Professionals have training and education to ensure the proper and safe removal of pests.

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Contact Universal Pest & Termite to take care of your pests today. We offer exceptional prices and payment options. We are constantly growing and evolving and offer the highest quality services. Once a pest is inside your home, it’s improbable that it’ll leave on its own. So make sure that you call Universal Pest & Termite to be rid of pests for good. We will remove the pests in a way that is safe and healthy for all stand-bys.


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