Swarming Termites

Spring and Summer Brings Swarming Termites!!

Termites are often seen in the reproductive (Swarming Termite) form. These typically have black bodies and milky white wings and are mistaken for a flying ant. The member of the termite colony that can cause thousands of dollars of damage to homes is …
Subterranean termites are approximately ½-inch in length. The winged reproductive termites are pale yellow or brownish yellow, and their hairy wings have two dark veins. The soldier termites have an oval head with massive toothless mandibles that cross at the tips.

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As seen under homes and in walls,Subterranean termites build distinctive tunnels, often referred to as “tubules,” to reach food sources. The tubules also protect them from open air. They use their scissor-like jaws to eat wood 24/7. Like other termite species, subterranean termites feed on products containing cellulose.

Many people didn’t know that Subterranean termites nest in the soil to obtain moisture, but they also nest in wet wood. They easily attack wood in contact with the ground. If the wood does not meet the soil, termites build mud tunnels or tubes to reach wood feet above the ground. Also, they can enter a structure through expansion joints in concrete slabs or where utilities enter the house.

Our industry has used Liquid treatments for termites for years. This method is used to apply a barrier around and under your home.The most popular active ingredient used today is fipronil. Fipronil causes hyperexcitation of contaminated insects’ nerves and muscles. This happens through a “transfer” effect. Each termite that comes in contact with fipronil will pass its effects to another as they come in contact with each other.

We like using Baiting programs and products because of the request for less materials. This typically is a method of installing cylinders around the foundation of the home that either has a simple cellulose material in them until termite activity is found or directly installing termite bait and waiting for an infestation to ingest and then carry the material back to the colony. This method can take longer to control an active colony than a liquid service.

Universal Pest & Termite has developed Termite Control Services in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach region that consist of an initial liquid treatment where needed, then servicing with a granule product around the perimeter of the home on a quarterly basis. This program comes standard with a full pest control program so termites, ants, rodents and other pest are controlled with one simple and easy service. This service saves money and offers a higher level of coverage than a standard termite service. Give Universal Pest a call today! 757-502-0200

Swarming Termite