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The Role of Technology in Modern Pest Control


Technology is an integral part of all of our lives.  Whether we are in the grocery store, for remote education, or making a contribution to our favorite charity using a QR code.  This includes keeping our homes safe and proactively upgrading as necessary.

In the past if there was a concern about insects and possible infestations, a customer would call and schedule an appointment.  A receiptionist would check a calendar book to schedule a visit.  That could mean the client would need to juggle schedules and time away from work for us to come to the property and look at the insects and determine if it was harmless or destructive pest.  It might also mean another appointment to complete the treatment necessary to rid the owner of the bugs.

Improved Customer Experience with Quick and Convenient Insect Identification Options

It is so much better now.  When a customer has an insect that they need to identify, there are various options.  You can take a photo of the critter, and send it to us by text or email, and we can have it identified within five minutes or less.  You can also use your cell phone to call us and show us live stream the insect, its habitat and surrounding area.  We can then immediately reply to your concerns and offer suggestions.

Texting and Chat Capabilities for Convenient Communication with Customers

Because we realize the convenience of texting, we have arranged for our landline to accept either live calls or texts.  This accelerates the process so that we can make arrangements to assure your peace of mind.  Our website has a chat capability as well as the ability to schedule a visit from one of our professionals.  In fact, we have noticed that an increasing volume of our interactions with customers and others is handled through text messaging, and we are always happy to accommodate convenience measures whenever possible.

 pest control virginia The use of video has been around for quite a while.  This is another tool for the pest control company to help the community.  With the availability of increased bandwidth, it allows greater access to information.  If one of our specialists has a concern, they no longer need to call the office to have another technician come to the property.  By using common cell phones, questions can be answered or another remote workmate can be consulted for suggestions or alternate solutions.  Manufacturers’ data is only a few clicks away.  Another advantage is that if a supervisor needs to sign off on the work, it is handled electronically.  All of this translates to a job completed sooner, with more accuracy, and to the satisfaction of all concerned.

Fleet vehicles can be equipped with various devices.  In addition to cell phones,  GPS units are available to take us directly to the location in question.  This can provide accurate directions from the various sites necessary in the ordinary day.  Our technicians are happier because it means less time getting lost in subdivisions, and the customer is grateful for a more accurate time for our professionals to complete the work.  This also includes courtesy calls from the technician to the owner with updates on arrival time.

Technology can also help record any incidents with the use of dash cams.  With recorded information, all parties can have a clear picture of any vehicular accidents, which will keep insurance claims to a minimum and provide lower rates.  These savings can be applied to the company in terms of increased personnel and keeping our rates reasonable for all our customers.

In the office, there are so many options to use the technology available today.  Instead of large binders or file cabinets full of paper, accurate and reliable data can be held in spreadsheets.  For our repeat customers, we can arrange for reminders to notify both our office and the client that a recheck or reapplication is due.

Streamlining Pest Control Processes through Technology and Electronic Communication

If conditions change, the on-site technician has hand-held devices to access records of our treating all previous insect activity as well as the measures taken to control the situation.  This includes products and steps applied.  With a comprehensive overview of the problem, solutions become apparent.

Using a simple database, with a click of a few keys, we can determine the amounts of pesticides we have on hand and automated reminders for reorders.  This creates efficiencies in having sufficient amounts of product on hand for seasonal treatments.

Invoices can be generated and transmitted electronically.  This saves our forests and still gets the job done.  This increases customer satisfaction and decreases billing and collection time.  We recognize that everyone is busy, and we make every attempt to respect the time and effort of our clients.

Many pest control companies are also moving to digital agreements.  This can include the generation of a document that will accept an electronic signature and be easily stored by all parties either in digital files or in a cloud storage program.  These documents can include a personalized logo and specific terms that are agreeable to the parties.  In addition, electronic payments are easily accepted and applied.  Ask about our “SmartPay” option, which can extend the time in which the payment is due.

We also have taken advantage of the advances made in pesticides.  Our termite control uses a less conventional liquid that still controls termites, and we are proud of our Border-Guard program.  This is designed to prevent any pests from entering your home.  If you would like, ask for an all-natural option.  We use products that have no or very little odor and are safe for both humans and pets.  This is just another advantage of the ongoing technological advances in pesticides that we are happy to accommodate for our customers.

Our company keeps apprised of the latest developments in techniques and products.  We have had great success with our integrated pest management that provides minimal risk to people, pets and the environment but will still keep your home or other property free of many different types of pests, including insects, spiders, and rodents.

Check out our website when you are looking for the latest in pest control.  We have helpful customer service representatives and specialists that are ready to help you with any questions or concerns.

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