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Why Are There Termites in My Pool?


Having a pool is a guarantee of fun on hot summer days. However, sometimes little insects called termites also enjoy the pleasures of your pool. Many people question “why are there termites in my pool?” since it is pretty strange to see these wood-eater animals so close to so much water. But don’t worry, there are easy ways to keep them away. Let’s see what brings termites to your pools and ideas to keep your pool area termite-free.

Why Are There Termites in My Pool?

Termites are attracted by both water and wood, so the pool area is a perfect combo for them. Although the pool itself is most likely built of cement or ceramic, you probably have many wood items around the pool, such as wooden shades, decks, diving boards, etc. Also, the pool stays close to the landscaping in many houses, which is an area that attracts a lot of insects, including termites.

Some pools are built with wood framing underneath or at the bottom of the vinyl, so the pool structure itself can be at risk when the termites season comes. Therefore, taking care of it and keeping these insects away is essential. Be aware that hot tubs can be at risk for the same reasons.

How to Keep Termites Away from My Pool Area

First, you should check if your pool area is already full of termites. They are tough to spot since they are so tiny, so most of the time, the only way to spot termites is when they have enough time to leave destructed objects. If there are termites in your pool area, you will probably see your wood objects partially damaged. They can also leave a trait of eaten wood on the ground.

If you can’t check it yourself since it is quite hard, you should hire a pest control company. They have the right tools and knowledge to do the entire inspection. If you have termites, they can do the extermination immediately.

Well, how do you keep termites away from your pool area? Some prevention can only be made before the pool construction, like constructing a wood-free pool or treating the ground area. However, there are some tips you can follow after the pool construction.

Tips to Kepp Your Pool Area Termite-Free

Treat your pool area regularly and check for possible termite infestation. Prevention is the best you can do in this situation since termites can cause quite a damage. Avoid wetness and moisture in the pool area, especially around the wood items.

Keep this area clean of garbage or debris, mainly wooden, cellulose (like paper), plastics, and food. Also, keep vegetation away from wooden structures. Your drainage system should be free from debris to keep the water running.

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