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Mice Prevention 101


Mice can enter a house in multiple ways. It is certainly scary to see mice in your room or other places in your house, especially if you don’t know where they came from. Luckily, there are many ways to prevent a mouse from entering your home. Welcome to mice prevention 101. In this class, you will understand how a mouse can enter your house, where it comes from, and how to avoid it.

What Damage Can Mice Make?

Although they are, overall, small animals, mice can eat a lot in a day. They are good are pretty much everything, like climbing, swimming, and even jumping. They don’t live long in nature because of predators, but they can live longer in a house or in a lab, depending on the conditions.

Mice are nocturnal animals overall, so they are more active during the nighttime. Therefore, they often exhibit their typical behaviors during the night. Of course, sometimes you may only see signs of them during the day. Yet, be aware of their active time since it makes it easier to understand what you are dealing with. Know your enemy and all that.

They can build their nests in hidden places in your house and gnaw and feed on hard surfaces. Mice are genuinely survival experts. Of course, they procreate very quickly, so it is easy for a single rat to reproduce lots of other mice. This is one of the biggest reasons it is essential to deal with rats soon rather than late.

Mice enter houses to look for food, water, and a safe and hot shelter. That is why it is so common to see them during colder seasons. Food sources in the yard attract a lot of mice because of their hunger. They don’t enter your house trying to hurt anyone, and they are not violent animals in most cases, but they can be dangerous because of the diseases they can carry. Therefore, it is necessary to make that you don’t have a mice infestation.

See the Warning Signs

You must keep an eye open to see the mice’s signs. Although they are active during the nighttime, they often leave multiple signs of their presence during the day. Chewed wooden objects or even other object types are good examples. Their teeth grow continuedly, so they have the ability to chew hard surfaces. If you see any object chewed, you probably have a rat living around, especially if you don’t have any pets.

Many things attract mice, but overall, they like fresh and healthy food. Fruits, vegetables, pet food, birdseed, and more, are some famous examples. However, don’t forget that some species of rats can eat almost everything.

If you hear a scratching or shuffling sound constantly coming from your walls that even gets your pets’ attention, a mouse probably lives inside it. Eaten food with packages chewed is also a pretty common and easy-to-spot sign.

Mice produce a lot of feces that are usually small and black, looking like a small black round grain. If the feces is too dark, it is a fresh deposit. You can also see their urine, but this is a little bit harder since you will need to use a black light. It is common for their waste to trace back to their homes.

Understand How They Get Inside

Many paths can be used for mice to get inside houses since they are small and good at climbing. Some examples of places where they can access your home are attic vents, holes in the fascia, vent stacks, damaged doors and window screens, openings to chimneys, and holes in the wall.

Although this is not the easiest task, you can find their entry points. It is necessary to prevent more of them from coming in, and many pest control companies investigate where the pests came from. If you see signs such as burrows, urine smells and stains, nests in the insulation, grease marks, gnaw marks, track, etc, you may be near a mice entry point.

Walls, pipes, foundations, doors, windows, air conditioning, vents, roofs, gutters, garage door seals, near holes for gas, electrical, and cable lines, kitchen cabinets, attics, laundry room floor drains, fireplaces, stoves, and even refrigerators, all of them can be entry points to rats.

How to Prevent Mice from Entering

So, how can you prevent mice from entering your house? First, you need to check if all entry points are closed and safe. For example, if you have holes in your door, fix them. Not all entry points can be closed, of course. But it already helps if you deal with those you can.

You don’t need to do that by yourself. As you’ve seen, a house has many entry points, and to seal them, you need to use different materials and techniques. It is best to call a professional pest control company that can do this hard work for you. It will be faster and safer as well since they will make sure that everything is sealed correctly.

And what if you already have mice in your house? In that case, it is better to call the pest control company. Mice can be hard to deal with since they are so fast and can fit everywhere, including behind your walls. The company will analyze the situation and see a better way of dealing with the rat.

If you are looking for a trustworthy pest control company that can do all those services for you, you are with luck today.

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