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Spider Infestations in Virginia


Spiders, like most pests who invade Virginia Beach homes, are often seeking both food and shelter. However, the food that they’re looking for and the places where they shelter can be quite different from other common pests. Spider pest control starts with knowing what spiders like to eat, how they find entry points to the home, and where they nest, which will help you spot some of the most common causes of spider infestations.
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Causes of Spider infestations

Spider infestations have one simple cause—overpopulation. Unlike what most people think, indoor spiders do not come from outside in the end of summer. Spiders are always all around us. If the habitat is favorable, their population will boom.

Arachnids love to hide in dry, warm places such as boxes, corners, the short distance between furniture and walls, and window frames. There they spin webs and hunt insects. Increase in their population may be related to infestation by other pests. Abundant food can easily cause spiders to thrive in your home or office.Prevention is the best bet in controlling a spider infestation.

Signs of a spider infestation are not always obvious. You need to be proactive at inspecting your own property and staying aware of the changes within it. You also need to take steps to keep the pests out in the first place, such as by keeping your home free of clutter and keeping it well-maintained. A basic cleaning routine will go a long way toward keeping out most unwanted guests

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Pest Control Inspection for Spiders

After your Universal Pest & Termite technician has properly identified the species of spider infesting the property, he or she will recommend a treatment solution designed to effectively control that type of spider. Different spider species call for different treatment methods. For most spider issues, Universal Pest will recommend non-chemical treatments and advise customers on what they can do to make their indoor environments less attractive to spiders.

About Universal Pest & Termite

Universal Pest & Termite Inc. – We specialize in pest control for ants, termites, spiders and rodents (Mice | Rats ). We also offer moisture control, structural repairs, home insulation services and air duct cleaning. Universal Pest & Termite specializes in termite inspections as well as termite protection and termite warranties. All pest and termite services come with our No-Hassle guarantee. If the bugs come back, so do we. Free of charge.

Pest Control Reviews From Our Current Customers

“Universal Pest & Termite installed a complete crawl space micro-encapsulation system under our home. It immediately made a difference with the musty smells we were getting in our bedroom and kitchen. We checked out local pest control reviews and found Universal Pest.”

Maddie K Chesapeake (Virginia)

“We contacted several termite companies in Virginia Beach after discovering active termites in our home. Josh with Universal Pest & Termite was by far the best inspector we met with. In addition, Universal offered the best termite program for our budget.”

Merrideth G. Virginia Beach (Virginia)

“After trying other moisture control companies for our fungi and moisture problem, we contacted Universal Pest & Termite. They made sure all of our questions were answered and eliminated our moisture problem as well as repairing the existing moisture damage.”

David C. Virginia Beach (Virginia)

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