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Appearance: Termites are often seen in the reproductive (Swarming Termite) form. These typically have black bodies and milky white wings and are mistaken for a flying ant.  The member of the termite colony that causes the thousands of dollars of damage to homes is the worker termite. These termites are white with no wings and will be found inside wood or within a termite tube. (See Slide Show At The Bottom Of Page) Termite Pictures

Universal Pest & Termite offers our No-Hassle" promise. If while under coverage your termites return, so will we, zero hassle. Our existing customers get priority over new business when it comes to a re-infestaion of termites in your home.  Make sure to follow us on Instagram

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Not all termite companies are created equal.Things to look for or verify before choosing a termite control company:

  • Do they have an A+ rating with the BBB?
  • Have they been in business for at least 15+ years?
  • Do they have any official complaints filed against them with the state or local government?

Employee  Background Checks

Allow our family here at Universal Pest & Termite to protect your family and home from unwanted pest and termites. This is why we specialize in Termite Control in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Surrounding Areas.

Termite control can be a difficult task in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth and the surrounding cities. Trust Universal Pest & Termite when it comes to termite protection of your home.

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What Should You Look For When Choosing a Termite Company? 

Our "No-Hassle" Promise

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We background check every employee prior to hire here at Universal Pest & Termite. We understand trust and safety is very important when choosing a termite control company. Allow our family at Universal Pest to protect your family and home.

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A WDIR report is required most of the time when buying or selling a home a mortgage is being secured. Universal Pest & Termite offers WDIR/Moisture inspections and reports.

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Universal Pest & Termite has offered Termite Control in Virginia Beach | Chesapeake and surrounding cities for over 17 years for termite control. We rely on word of mouth business which is why we currently have an A+ rating with the BBB . Follow us on Twitter

  • Remove Firewood From Against Home
  • Control Moisture Around Your Foundation By Installing Gutters
  • Control Moisture Under Your Home (Ask Our Professional)
  • Remove Any Wooden Debris From Under Home
  • Have Your Home Inspected At Least One Time Per Year

What Do Termites Look Like? 

Termites  form mud tubes when foraging for food as seen in this picture taken from a crawl space of a home in Virginia Beach.

Make sure to have a  termite inspection of your home at least one time per year from a qualified termite control company.

Tips For Preventing Termites in Your Home:

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