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Bed Bugs

Bed Bug

Bed Bug Facts by Universal Pest & Termite

  • Bed Bugs can live for several months without a blood meal. This means they can linger in furniture, bags and suitcases for a long time until they are near a human host again
  • After feeding, bed bugs move to secluded places and hide for 5-10 days
  • Bed bugs can feed on the blood of any warm-blooded animal. Their most common targets are humans
  • Bed bugs will get inside your clothes. This is how they move long distances. It’s also the main reason for domestic infestations
  • A bed bug is able to survive that long only if its adult and spends the whole 1 year at a temperature of 10 °C

Universal Pest offers a complete Bed Bug Control Service | Protection program. Bed Bugs cannot be controlled or eliminated with just one service. This is why we offer monitoring stations that provide your Universal Pest inspector with an accurate assessment of the bed bug infestation. Why choose Universal Pest? Each inspector has been trained in bed bug treatment and control. No application will be made until activity is verified and a direct location has been determined. Contact Universal Pest & Termite today for an inspection.

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Universal Pest & Termite also offers combined Pest / Termite programs together for one low rate. No need to pay a company a fee for pest control and a fee for termite protection. We offer our exclusive “Flex-Guard” program. This is a quarterly service that includes our Border-Guard pest program, a perimeter granule termite application as well as our complete termite warranty. This top-rated program comes with our No-Hassle promise. If the pest or termites come back while under protection so will we, no hassle, no problem. Most homes qualify for this service program. To see if your home qualifies

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  • Inside service is free any time service is needed or requested
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  • A low odor termite granule application is applied approx. every 90 days
  • Includes our termite warranty
  • There is no need to wait around and spend your valuable time waiting for a technician
  • Not necessary or need to take pets or children out of the house the day of service
  • No need to straighten up or clean the day of service